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LumiPure DNA Gel Extraction Kit

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The LumiPure DNA Gel Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of DNA fragments from agarose gels or enzymatic reactions. The DNA fragment of interest is excised from an agarose gel and placed in a microcentrifuge tube. Gel Solubilization Buffer dissolves the agarose gel slice, denatures proteins and ensures selective binding of DNA to the membrane in the column. It also contains a color pH indicator that enables easy control of the optimal pH. If pH shifts toward the alkaline side adding of Neutralization Buffer returns the optimal pH value for DNA binding to the column membrane. In the following step, a series of washings of the column membrane containing DNA is performed. Special formulations of Washing Solutions allow impurities to be completely removed from the column membrane. Finally, the DNA is eluted with Elution Buffer or, if necessary, with deionized water.

Kit Specifications:

  • Samples: gel slice or enzymatic reaction containing DNA of interest (from 70 bp to 10 kb in size)
  • Operation time: 20 minutes
  • Column binding capacity: 5 µg DNA
  • Elution Volume: ≥ 10 µL
  • Typical DNA recovery: 85–95%
  • DNA Purity: OD260/OD280 >1.8

The purified DNA is suitable for any subsequent application, such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, ligation and transformation, labeling, Southern blotting, preparing samples for Sanger sequencing and NGS, etc.

Allgemeine Eigenschaften

Lagerungsbedingungen: Store at room temperature.


Storage time in month: 12
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