Rechner für die Proteinmarkierung

1. MW des Proteins: Da
Molekülmasse des zu markierenden Proteins (z. B. für IgG-Antikörper MW = 150000)
2. Wählen Sie das Markermolekül:
oder geben Sie die Molekülmasse ein: Da
Die Masse des Markermoleküls finden Sie auch auf der jeweiligen Produktseite.
3. Molarer Überschuss des Markermoleküls:
Molar excess of the label in the reaction. The more label is taken, the higher dye to protein ratio is achieved in the conjugate. The exact dependency is different for various labels and proteins, but generally 8-fold excess gives 1-3 labels per average protein.
4. My protein is
Select if your protein is in solid form or already a solution.
5. Protein mass is mg

Advanced options
Percent of co-solvent (DMF/DMSO) in the reaction mixture: %
Co-solvent should be present in the reaction mixture when a hydrophobic label is used, or when the label needs to be aliquoted (NHS esters and maleimides should not be stored in aqueous solutions). Some very sensitive proteins do not tolerate co-solvents, but many others are perfectly compatible with moderate DMSO percent. Up to 10% is fine for almost all proteins.
Protein concentration in reaction mixture: mg/mL
Choose the concentration of the protein in the labeling reaction. A good strating point is 10 mg/mL. Higher concentrations lead to more efficient use of the label, but some proteins are not enough soluble to get concentrated solution.

Protein labeling protocol

Adjust the calculator settings and click the "Calculate and get protocol" button to get your protocol
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