Reactive dyes

Dye NHS esters

Fluorescent dye NHS esters are amine-reactive dyes with activated ester group.

Dye azides

Fluorescent dye azides for Click Chemistry labeling.

Dye alkynes

Fluorescent dye alkynes for copper catalyzed Click Chemistry. Contain terminal alkyne group.

Dye maleimides

Dye maleimides are thiol-reactive fluorescent dyes for the labeling of sulfhydryl (thiol) groups in proteins.

Dye hydrazides

Dye hydrazides are carbonyl-reactive fluorescent dyes for the labeling of aldehydes and ketones.

Carboxylic acids

Carboxylic acid derivatives of fluorescent dyes. Can be used for the labeling of amines after pre-activation with carbodiimides, and also for Steglich esterification of alcohols.

Amino dyes

Fluorescent dyes with free amino groups, for the coupling with various electrophilic compounds like activated esters and epoxides.


Tetrazines are derivatives which react with trans-cyclooctenes, cyclopropenes, and other activated olefines via an inverted electron demand [4+2]-cycloaddition - an example of copper-free Click chemistry reaction.

Cycloalkyne dyes

Dyes possessing cycloalkyne moieties for copper free Click chemistry.

Miscellaneous dyes

Miscellaneous dye derivatives.

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